Carol Braswell

Author Bio

Carol Braswell is a writer of suspenseful, action packed romance novels. Writing crime thrillers and mysteries helps release all the numerous stories flying around in her head. She loves the suspense of learning who the killers are, and whose life they will impact next. 
Mrs. Braswell lives in East Texas with her hero husband, two spoiled Maltese, and one overly rotten cat. She is an active supporter of her local "no kill" shelter. She has assisted in finding forever homes for abandoned strays and abused animals.
"It's like there is a sign over our house. 'She'll feed me.' They just show up, and I can't turn them away."

You can follow Mrs. Braswell on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The Garrett Series

Finding Amy, Saving Jamie, & Justin's Gamble will have you searching for missing persons, revealing a jaded past, and discovering the person within every character. Action packed and full of mystery and romance. 

The Weber, Texas Series

My Name is Grace ~ Mist on Trinity River

Bodies are turning up, and other girls are missing. One woman must discover who she is and what she was running from.

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